Blue Tube UV Air System

UV light system provides better indoor air quality.

Blue Tube UV Air System

People are increasingly concerned about the air quality in their homes and businesses. A Blue Tube UV air system puts you at ease by effectively stopping the spread of germs. It is simple to install, cost-effective and safely keeps your system clean as it improves the quality of indoor air.

Blue Tube UV Air System

How Does It Work?

Blue Tube UV is a light kit installed inside a central air system. These kits come as one- or two-year lamps with low or high voltage, and you can select an odor control option. They are designed to fight molds and other biological contaminants both in the air and on HVAC surfaces. They work particularly well at cleaning cooling coils.

Certain bands of ultraviolet light disrupt the DNA of germs, effectually stopping them from reproducing. This is why the system is 99.9% effective in killing airborne molds, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

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Why Is This System A Good Choice?

This is most popular germicidal UV light system on the worldwide market. Here are some important reasons to use Blue-Tube UV:

  • It effectively stops micro-organisms from growing and infiltrating the air.
  • It decreases maintenance expenses by consistently keeping your HVAC system clean.
  • It reduces energy costs with its patented technology, which contributes to a greener indoor and outdoor environment.
  • It is safe to use and provides chemical-free disinfection.

Given the many health problems that come with airborne pathogens, it is important to improve the quality of air you breathe. This proven system provides peace of mind and truly helps you breathe easier by dependably fighting off germ production from the start.

Where Can I Get This Product?

Mid-State Heating and Air, LLC will install UV components in heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial customers. We are a locally owned and operated company with skilled technicians to assist with all of your HVAC needs. Please contact us for more information.