Commercial Heating and Air Services

Keeping your home’s heating and air conditioning systems at peak condition is what we do best.

Dependable Commercial Heating and Air services Columbia SC

Commercial property owners need to feel confident that every aspect of their buildings’ systems is running perfectly. Commercial heating and air maintenance in Columbia, SC ensures that customers, visitors, and employees have a comfortable and healthy environment to be in. Your business will enjoy hassle-free temperature control thanks to Mid-State Heating and Air, LLC services for Columbia, SC area businesses. Our attention to detail, fair pricing, and dedication to exceptional customer service has made us a first choice of any commercial property owner needing to know the job is done right the first time. Service is always 100% guaranteed at Mid-State.

Full Commercial AC and Heating Services

The air conditioning and heating systems working hard behind the scenes of businesses and other commercial properties need regular service in order to function efficiently. Without maintenance and service checks, system effectiveness will begin to suffer. Quickly schedule a maintenance visit or commercial heating and air repair for Columbia, SC commercial properties by using our online form. We also offer convenient service agreements that make it simpler than ever to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are always in perfect working order.

We offer many other valuable heating and air services to Lexington, SC commercial customers, including:

  1. Air quality control – Our courteous technicians will assess the indoor air quality of your commercial property. We can help identify common allergens and other sources of indoor air pollution and provide helpful solutions.
  2. Upgrading and replacing systems– Older properties in particular are likely to have outdated heating and air systems. We can upgrade system features as well as replacing them entirely with new, cost-effective equipment.
  3. Maintenance and repair for all makes and models – No matter what company your air or heating system originally came from, we have the skills and expertise required to keep all equipment in perfect working order.
  4. 24/7 emergency service – Mid-State offers 24/7 service and our technicians are available around the clock.
  5. Commercial service plans – A simple agreement takes care of inspections, filter replacement, repair warranties service calls, and much more! We offer Budget, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans to let you find the service agreement that best suits your needs.

Schedule Your Next Service Visit Today

Mid-State Heating and Air, LLC proudly provides Heating and Air repair to Columbia, SC, Lexington, and all other communities in the midlands region. Call 803-609-6689 today and schedule maintenance, repairs, and other services with our courteous technicians. Be sure to ask about discounts for law enforcement, military, and teachers.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Premium Benefits Budget Silver Gold Platinum
21 Point Inspection (2 Visits Per Year) x x x x
Reminder Service x x x x
Repair Warranty 1 year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Years
Priority Status - 24 Hours Same Day Same Day
No Overtime - x x x
Pre-Season Scheduling - x x x
1 Year Inflation Protection - x x x
2 Year Inflation Protection - - x x
Filter Changes 2 times per year 2 times per year 2 times per year 4 times per year
Service Call $125 $125 $99 $89
Quality Assurance Inspection & Cleaning
(Meet Energy Star Recommendation)
- - x x
ACCA National Standard Task List Includes:
(Meet Energy Star Recommendation)
Blower Wheel Cleaning ($209 - $257) - - - x
Burner Cleaning ($175) - - - x
Chemically Clean Coils ($191 - $307) - - - x
Condensate Treatments($20) - - - x
Investment $200 $220 $250 $300
Monthly Investment - $19 $21 $25